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Novati strengthens position in 2.5D / 3D market


As a next step toward the acceleration of 3D integration,Tezzaron Semiconductor Corporation and Novati Technologies has acquired a portion of Ziptronix Inc., a provider of patented, low-temperature direct bonding technology for 3D integration.  As a key part of the agreement, Ziptronix sold its 3D IC development lab to Tezzaron, to be operated by Novati Technologies.

Due to widespread adoption of direct bonding in volume manufacturing, Ziptronix no longer has to dedicate its resources to supporting a lab for commercialization of its patented ZiBond® and DBI® technologies.  Tezzaron will use the facility to support development and manufacturing of its rapidly growing advanced memory products.  The deal includes a strategic agreement with Tezzaron that provides Ziptronix's lab customers continued access to the facility to perform their advanced development work. 

Ziptronix's ZiBond® technology is essential to the manufacture of the backside illumination (BSI) image sensors used in devices such as smartphones, tablets and digital cameras; applications for which it has seen wide-scale adoption in high-volume manufacturing.  At the same time, the company's DBI® technology is rapidly maturing, with increasing adoption for advanced memory and integrated image sensor applications.  Tezzaron and Novati have licensed Ziptronix technologies to strengthen their position in manufacturing semiconductor applications.





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